20 July 2009

It's Time to Put My Big Girl Panties On

Why? Other than looking awesome like Grandma Moses, we are taking this show on the road. Jetty and I are heading to the Seattle Wholesale Gift Show at the end of August. We have a fellow rockin Alaska jewelry designer along with us and we will be wowing Seattle and Portland with 2 trunk shows and our debut wholesaling to the greater Northwest. Pretty intense actually. Loads of paperwork to submit. Displays to flame proof (yeah, I said it. Flame proof.). And inventory to have ready. This is exactly what we've been waiting for, but that doesn't make it any less stressful. The schedule for the next few months: Tanana State Fair Aug 7-15, Seattle Aug 19-26, Fairbanks First Friday Sept 4 - 5, Fairbanks Holiday Show Nov 13 - 15...and then there's Christmas....And then we take a vacation.