20 April 2009

Mira gets mobile

Our newest munchkin Mira has been a challenge from the beginning...as my 5th ferret, I think I know what I'm doing...but she is proving me wrong or has a chip loose somewhere....and it definitely didn't help when she bit G in the face her first month here. We have taken all of the levels out of the cage so she doesn't benchpress them....and have put little fuzzy balls in to keep her occupied when not out. And last night we aquired a large hamster ball. The kind meant for ferts. And omg, it's a hoot! She doesn't know how to walk in it so just rolls around like a drunk woodchuck. Already Houdini'ed herself out once....but we're hopeful she'll get the hang of it so she can be out more often.

Jetty will be over momentarily to do some distance reiki which seems to help.....But in the meantime she is sucking on Sausage's ear.

07 April 2009

Earthquakes make my tummy hurt.

So not only are we constantly following the activity of this volcano that keeps steaming and puking, but now we've got earthquakes that we can feel. Ugh! As it is Alaska has quite a few earthquakes a day - run over to the AEIC to see how many we get in a 48 hour period. We just had a 4.7 that shook a bit around. It's those first few nanoseconds where you wonder if this is 'the big one' and whether or not you need to run screaming from the building. I also wonder when strangers are around me whether or not I would want to be stuck in the rubble with them. And this isn't just when we are shaking, but in elevators, at restaurants, etc. Would I want to cling to this person for life or would they bug the shit out of me?

That's probably pretty terrible to say right?