28 February 2009

A little game we like to call: Shopping With the Pauper

I have put myself on a strict spending freeze in order to pay off those goddamn credit cards and start saving and spending in the correct way. I.E. - buying things I want to instead of drywall, groceries and my mortgage.

This is the cutest gd teapot ever. It would go so well in my kitchen that is slowly being taken over by teapots. The first one? A $100 Kathy Ireland original. Don't you dare judge me. I don't necessarily drink tea. But I love me some teapots. The red polka dot from Homer is a fun one, as well as the functional squat oriental style. And this Robin's Egg Blue one? Shut up!

I would so love to stimulate the economy and put these in my kitchen. But my economy needs some stimulating first. Humph.

The Coolest F Word Ever Deserves a F*n Shout

I have started a 3 year course through the Avalon Mystery School. Which means that in 3 years, after my course of study, I may be asked to be a Priestess of Avalon. I happen to think this is not only the cats pajamas but also the cow's underwear. Part of my studies include reading about the original goddess religions, and shock and awe, how God was not originially the big Puba we are inundated with now. When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone not only rocked my world but reinvigorated my already fist waving feminist self to continue to spread the word. It all clicked and makes so much sense! Before 2 + 2 were put together and sex was known to result in children, the woman would just produce a child. Viola! And the beginning of being awed by her power and ability began. With that said, the sticker at the right just makes me shake my head and wonder how it all went so wrong.

Well wait. It all went downhill when someone got jealous and needed to change the roles. Now, I'm not asking that we go back to the way things were 6,000 years ago, I'm just asking that everyone take a step back and realize that women have not always been seen as a fragile, stupid breed. By removing the Goddess and all she stood for from the public light, and in turn actually condemning those who continued to follow her ways, women were stepped on. This marked the beginning of the end. Adam and Eve? Eve ate an apple from the serpent. The serpent is a representation of the Goddess. Thus, the ways of the Goddess are wrong, and look, we wrote it in this handy little book full of stories for you to refer to later and we will then use it as a justification.

I have this sticker on my refrigerator. This morning Galen asked me what I planned to do about all of it. I just want people, men and women both, to take a step back and realize that the structure of this society is dictated by a bunch of old men 4,000 years ago. Someone got in a bee in their bonnet and had to fuck us all over. Again, men and women alike. So seriously, take up the cause. Educate yourself. And remember that there is a strength in all of us older than that "good book" which we can draw from to fullfill our potential.

27 February 2009

26 February 2009

Support Handcrafted. Support Local.

We've all been inudated with the news and overall economic worries. We're all feeing this "recession" and wondering if collectively we will make it out intact. For the little guy it's even more of a worry. I had an awesome conversation today with a customer in the shop about supporting local and supporting handmade, especially in these hard times. She has decided to forego ordering from catalogs and skipping the big box stores in favor of giving her business to the locally grown and crafted outlets. These are your neighbors that you are supporting. This is their livelihood.

There are so many ways that you can make your dollar go further and help those around you. Whether you shop for handmade in your own town or check out websites like 1000markets.com or etsy.com, give the little guy a leg up. Need something that isn't handmade? Yarn? Comic Books? Books in general? Give your local mom and pop a look and leave Wal Mart to the other guy. When splurging on dinner check out the local flavor and forego the chains.

By supporting each other we'll all come out on the other side all the better for it.

Viva Handmade!

Back on the Horse Again

So it seems I have jumped back into the world of 'blogging.' Which of course means whining to the general public via a safe hidey hole, most likley in the back of the closet. And what prompted this return to hours of time spent on the internets? A bad day of all things. As much as I am trying to not be a grouch, the people that I have interacted with thus far, just aren't making it very easy for me. So I will take my revenge and spew my sarcasm on the world once again.