27 April 2010

Coming Up Daisies

So far my New Year's resolutions are plodding right along...I'm down 12 of my 30 lbs, and have 10 of 50 books under my growing ever smaller belt. I am only a few shops short of my goal, but having been picked up by Princess, I am thoroughly thrilled with it all.

It's funny how the universe removes people and things from your life and replaces them with things that are even better for you & you had no idea....and I am in a great place in my life and I couldn't be happier. Yes, I bust my ass, but I absolutely love what I do. How many people can truly say that?

I have finally allowed myself to a place where I no longer worry about calls being returned or playing nice for show of face. I don't dwell on why I lose contact...I just move on. And for the first time in my life I genuinely mean it. No hard feelings. Just feeling great. And it does. All of it.....feels great.