17 June 2009

Run Chubbs, Run!

I bought a $100 pair of shoes a few weeks ago and didn't even care what they looked like. And maybe I should have - because they are a bit orthepedic and stark white. But! They help with the running. Yup. We've been running an average of 3 times a week and I've slowly managed to triple my starting distance before my lungs implode and/or my legs fall off. And the distance I a up to? ALmost 3/4 of a mile at a time. I know, I know. Totally marathon bound by the fall, but I'm out there and doing it. Pretty proud. And pretty sure I will rock a 5k by the end of summer. Who knew eh?


  1. Good job lady! Maybe we can go running when I visit. PFFFFFFFTT!! couldn't even keep a straight face typing that. HA!

  2. I am impressed. I just stopped by to ask about something business-like. But now I've lost my train of thought....now that I'm reminded of all the guilt I am feeling about shurking my grand marathon plans.
    W.E.T. in homer