08 January 2010

Sonograms Boil My Blood

I am the first to admit that I am less than thrilled about being around kids. They freak me out. Probably because I have never really been around them.....but that doesn't mean that my friends aren't "all baby, all the time." With all of the baby talk around you can't help but learn a little and form an opinion, or twelve. I can deal with a hospital birth, but you better have done your research. You realize it's just a business right? And that the more women they pump through there, the more money they get. You labor for more than 24 hours and they are going to pump you full of fake hormones (we call this inducing ladies, and unless you are past the 10 month mark that baby can keep cooking). These hormones slow labor down.....so they give you more which constrict your uterus...... and now your baby is in distress, and uh oh, spaghetti-o, you're having a ceasarian.

But the thing that sends me into a frenzy faster than the uneducated masses, are those that get multiple sonograms (for no medical reason mind you). Unless you are a high risk patient, there isn't need for even a single one. Want to know the sex of your baby? Wheres the fun and suspense? Regardless of the selfish angle, have you thought about the health of your baby? Think about it. They cover you with a lead sheet when you have x-rays at the dentist, and now you're all about bouncing beams of energy, uber rays and who knows into a developing child? Now I don't know if it's the shit ton of shots kids have to get now (in a single sitting) or that people are having 3 and 4 sonograms....but there is a problem in this country. These kids have some massive disabilities and it's getting worse by the day. What is to blame? I don't know. Kraft cheese. Peanuts. Who knows. But I'm quite sure we could all take the time to sit down and think about what is really good for the next generation before we go gayly into the OB's office smiling while they do things for no reason.


  1. Hmmm...I smell a pregnancy on the way!

  2. I totally agree with what you are saying about hospitals being a business....just watch "the business of being born". However, sonograms are not X-rays....they are done through sound waves....they can get a reading based on density of the tissue, bone, etc. They also gather a LOT of information with they perform a sonogram....they check for blood flow in and out of cord, 4 chambers to the heart, all vital organs present etc. It isn't something that women had access too not so long ago, but they have supplied a ton of information regarding the health of your baby. It is not to JUST check the sex of your baby.