10 May 2010

The good with the bad....and the caffiene.

Like any job, being self employed has its advantages and disadvantages. There is a lot of freedom which seems to be the big draw and point of interest to many people. Yet, what happens behind the scenes is where the magic happens. You think about what needs to happen when you wake up, in the shower, writing notes to yourself with a toothbrush in your mouth....phone calls, self promotion....media of all outlets...and you continue to work/call/think as you fall asleep....and then dream about it. (are you seeing it? You work all the time....) You need drive. You need a great support system. And you need a giant hanging IV bag of coffee. This is what has been going through my mind today as I rode my bike downtown to meet a friend for a lovely breakfast, and then stopped at the office supply store on my way home. And now, for whatever reason I am exhausted beyond belief (a fantastic breakfast discussion - getting out of bed can be so hard) but I have *updated my catalog *updated and ordered business cards *reordered stickers *blogged *and consumed half a pot of coffee. Oh, and it's 11am. I will say this, if I decided I wanted to take a nap, I'm pretty sure my boss would be ok with it....

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