26 February 2009

Back on the Horse Again

So it seems I have jumped back into the world of 'blogging.' Which of course means whining to the general public via a safe hidey hole, most likley in the back of the closet. And what prompted this return to hours of time spent on the internets? A bad day of all things. As much as I am trying to not be a grouch, the people that I have interacted with thus far, just aren't making it very easy for me. So I will take my revenge and spew my sarcasm on the world once again.


  1. It is much much cheaper than going to a head doctor, and better for your liver than hitting the bar. So rant away lady!

  2. I love you and miss you chicka!!! You make me comfortably aware that people suck and it is ok to hate them when you have friends like you!!

    XX CC