28 February 2009

A little game we like to call: Shopping With the Pauper

I have put myself on a strict spending freeze in order to pay off those goddamn credit cards and start saving and spending in the correct way. I.E. - buying things I want to instead of drywall, groceries and my mortgage.

This is the cutest gd teapot ever. It would go so well in my kitchen that is slowly being taken over by teapots. The first one? A $100 Kathy Ireland original. Don't you dare judge me. I don't necessarily drink tea. But I love me some teapots. The red polka dot from Homer is a fun one, as well as the functional squat oriental style. And this Robin's Egg Blue one? Shut up!

I would so love to stimulate the economy and put these in my kitchen. But my economy needs some stimulating first. Humph.


  1. Oh yes.. I myself have many a time in the land of broke, felt the pull to the ever nagging teapot spree... something inside just niggles at you to have interesting conversation peice teapots...crazy? maybe Gorgeous? Definatley!!

  2. What is it with the teapots?? For realz and for serious....I can't stay away from them.