26 February 2009

Support Handcrafted. Support Local.

We've all been inudated with the news and overall economic worries. We're all feeing this "recession" and wondering if collectively we will make it out intact. For the little guy it's even more of a worry. I had an awesome conversation today with a customer in the shop about supporting local and supporting handmade, especially in these hard times. She has decided to forego ordering from catalogs and skipping the big box stores in favor of giving her business to the locally grown and crafted outlets. These are your neighbors that you are supporting. This is their livelihood.

There are so many ways that you can make your dollar go further and help those around you. Whether you shop for handmade in your own town or check out websites like 1000markets.com or etsy.com, give the little guy a leg up. Need something that isn't handmade? Yarn? Comic Books? Books in general? Give your local mom and pop a look and leave Wal Mart to the other guy. When splurging on dinner check out the local flavor and forego the chains.

By supporting each other we'll all come out on the other side all the better for it.

Viva Handmade!

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