05 March 2009

I don't know why it bothers me....but it does.

So we all know that the economy is taking a big dump in a very public toilet, right? And we all are very conscious of where we spend our hard earned cash, and on what. With that said, many a person come into B and outwardly ask "So, how are you doing with the economy? Are you finding it hard to pay rent? Has business slowed down? Are you going to make it through the year?" Now, I don't know about you, but unless we are certifiable bffs or one of the 2 investors in the shop, I find that rather rude. I wouldn't go to them in their home and ask if they think they will be able to keep it. Or if they will be able to feed their kids this year. Or if their boss put them on a pay freeze if they could still afford that really big truck that serves no purpose other than to slowly prison rape the environment.

Maybe I'm overreacting. But I don't think that's acceptable. What would they say if I said things had slowed down and we need their money more than a blood transfusion? Would they buy something that they weren't going to buy anyway? Probably not. So it doesn't matter.

For the record things are fine. It's Alaska in the winter, and we have just recently crossed into the more than 6 hours of daylight category. So no wonder people aren't shoving money in anyone's face right now - they are too busy being glued to their SAD lights and just trying to make it through a gloomy, cold winter. Who could blame them?

So help me out here. Do you think it's ok to ask strangers about their business? B is my baby. Though most certainly not in the literal sense, I have put just as much blood, sweat, tears and hard earned cash into her as any parent with one or 20 children. I'm very protective of people who nay say her, or feel that can comment on that which they don't know......so pat me on the shoulder or tell me to pull my head out of my ass. Either way, what do you think?


  1. I certainly don't like it - I have EVERYONE people I know, people I just met, grilling me about my job hunt b.c I'm on unemployment...YES IT DOES SUCK OUT THERE THANKS FOR REMINDING ME. What am I supposed to do, just give up! Ughggghghgh. I say lie, "we're just fine"

  2. And that's just it! We are totally fine! Just bopping along doing what we need to do. I don't know why perfect strangers find it ok to comment on it like it's not the rudest question in the world. Let's step on them. lol