28 March 2009

Earthquakes, Bears, Volcanoes, Oh my...

Mt Redoubt has been rumbling for a few months now but has finally started to blow it's load. Flights are cancelled, mail isn't moving, and we finally got ashfall today. Driving around in our beater car (277,500 miles) and realizing 'huh, this isn't fog is it...?' Now we are safe at home and all the new electronic toys are covered just in case and a small pyrex dish sits in the driveway to catch the ash. Hooray! Aren't these pictures of the eruption crazy?? Lightning! Wow! I really had no idea we had the possibility for so many natural disasters when I moved here. Seriously. Tsunami, Earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, wild animals....Who knew? For realz.
If I venture out and wear my sexy mask I will be sure to be the envy of all who see me....


  1. Have you thought about making jewelry with volcano cut outs in it- that somehow incorporates the ash you collect? I think the alternate religion people would eat it up. You could call it "elemental" jewelry or something..

  2. so far we've been able to collect about a millimeter of ash in a teeny tiny vial....tough to catch when the damn wind keeps blowing. But apparently more ash is heading to town as I type...So there may be 'Redoubt Jewelry' before we know it! lol

  3. stay safe! nice pix tho...get the pets little masks why doncha?