06 March 2009

Subway has life saving abilities

I woke up this morning with a nice splitting headache....You know the kind right behind your eyes which makes you squint and lower your head? Yeah. Those 3 crazy beers I had last night are having their revenge on my apparently 'too old to party' body and I hurt. Took G to work and then went home to take a nap, hoping it would make the headache go away. Not really. In my sleepy stupor I forgot the set the alarm properly. But thankfully the dog was there to wake me up. Yay Cedar!

So now I'm full of a foot long ham and american cheese on wheat bread and gobs of lettuce sub....and starting to feel a bit human again. Though I might need some sort of pokey device to put my eyeballs back in if they do indeed fall out. It's totally a possibility.

EDIT: Yeah, I totally yarked that sub up 2 hours later.

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