08 March 2009

Psychics and Mediums and Palm Readers Oh My....

Metapalooza was yesterday and Jetty Mae and I were there toting our wares as The Sisters Sage (the first collaborative jewelry line we've done so far with an emphasis on the healing properties of stones, etc). And while in Rome......well, of course I had to have a few readings. Our favorite card reader, The Fairy Guide Mother was there, and a few familiar faces...but then! In the corner! Was not only Minerva's doppleganger, but she also read palms! Hot damn! I've never had my palm read before and she was f'en amazing.

Quick recap: I have digestive issues (uh huh), and can be very stubborn. I would die planting my flag for a cause I felt strongly about.....and I have quite a few stars on my hands. Stars mean magic *squeal* I am just realizing my 'spiritual' path and will eventually be a teacher on that path. I have had 3 pregnancies, only one of which I knew about (a miscarriage not so long ago)....and will have 2 children. And I am decendent from royalty.

So of course I had to check this all out with my favorite medium, and that was equally as world rockingly awesome! In short: I am not decendant from royalty, I was royalty. Most likely Atlantean which is why I am so drawn to the Mystery School - Merlin was the last of the Atlanteans. She also said (without any prompting or knowing about my palm) that I just started on a new path and I would eventually be a teacher. Hot damn! And while making a long tube with her hands, asked if I had unusual pets. Yup. And did they poop a lot? Yup. That I am like them in that I have no use for things or people that do nothing for me and thus poop them out. Ha! Not that I'm a user, but I'm not the person to make small talk and go out to eat if we have nothing in common and we aren't going to be bffs. Ha!

The new jewelry did well. My readings f'en rocked. And I can once again focus on getting the jewelry buttoned up as my 3 months in the bead store are finally over. Hot damn! It's all too exciting!!! And I'm sure I'm officially queen of the dorks but I don't care. Because remember - I was a queen.

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