11 March 2009

Unapologetic Hipster

I have been having a very unhealthy relationship with "Panic From the Disco" as of late. And if you haven't heard them you should. It makes me tap my toes and grin like I've been pumped full of Stummies in Brain Candy. Back in the day when I was slinging coffee and portraying the tragically cool coffee girl with the arm tattoo as best I could, we circulated "The Hipsters Handbook." And of course, I was the stereotype barista to a t: short black hair, tight old band tees, arm tattoo and long apron. I would even threaten to give you decaf if you didn't tip well enough or were rude to me......I wonder what I am now? I would still absolutely give decaf if I could, but you couldn't pay me enough to warm up muffins and pour "a grande house on wheels with room" at 6am anymore....Now I need to get my hands on the book. Do they have a section about snobby boutique owners? Girls who try to make their own bread and use moonpads instead of storebought stuff? I guess I'm still probably the same...sans apron but with more tattoos.

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