19 March 2009

O.M.G. Too much of the cute

Can we just talk about how freakin cute this bird is for a sec? As in, fit in the palm of your hand? Or ride around in your pocket to stare up at you with those big eyes to say "Yes I know you want to go to Hogwarts....You're purty." See?! Cutest thing ever.

This little guy is a Saw-Whet Owl. And I have to have one. So I can then start wearing cowboy shirts with breast pockets and let him live there.

And I would name him Peter. Or Mable. Yes....Mable.....


  1. No! Mavis!!

    Is this one a baby?
    They've got a similar-ish looking owl at the zoo here, but it's a wee bit bigger and has a yellow beak. Very damned cute. I'd probably accidentally forget and leave it in my pocket and run it through the washing machine before I realized what I'd done.

  2. I think this be a grown up - crazy right??